My clinics are at the Albyn Hospital in Aberdeen (see home page for address and map). New consultations are on a Monday evening between 6pm and 8pm. phone consultations are on alternate Monday mornings 9 to 10am  All general benign gynaecological conditions can be managed and there are other specialists and services to complement my gynaecology service if required including other medical experts, imaging and physiotherapy.  I do not personally provide a service for unwanted pregnancies or colposcopy for abnormal cervical smears 

Whilst in the clinic setting, I can also perform a pelvic scan if required. Outpatient hysteroscopy (to investigate abnormal bleeding from the uterus) and cystometry (bladder tests required for diagnosis and management of urinary incontinence)  are performed privately by myself at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary through an arrangement with the insurance companies as these investigations are not available at the Albyn Hospital. Do check with your insurance company before proceeding with any further investigations or treatment however


My operating session is on a Monday afternoon at the Albyn Hospital.  All benign gynaecological surgery can be undertaken at the Albyn Hospital.  Malignant conditions in gynaecology are operated on within the NHS setting, except in exceptional circumstances.  I specialise in minimal access surgery ('keyhole') and where feasible this will be the route of choice for your operation.  This works on the principle that the smaller the incisions for the procedure, the shorter the hospital stay and recovery.  Also, cosmetically, it has the advantage of small or hidden scars.

Operations to manage the following conditions can be undertaken using the most up to date technique:  pelvic pain including all grades of endometriosis (laparoscopic treatment); abnormal uterine bleeding (hysteroscopy and endometrial ablation); stress urinary incontinence (laparoscopic colposuspension); vaginal and uterine prolapse (traditional, site specific, native tissue); fibroids (myomectomy, hysterectomy).  When hysterectomy is determined as necessary this will be laparoscopic or vaginal where possible.  Please see the information sheets page for specific procedures and treatments. The use of vaginal mesh and tapes are under review by the Scottish Dept of Health at present and so will not be considered for use until the final decisions based on an independent enquiry are released.

In addition to surgical options, there are other specialists who offer alternative managements such as uterine artery embolisation for fibroids, specialist physiotherapy for prolapse, incontinence and painful intercourse and pain management services from an anaesthetist.


My anaesthetists are Dr Karen Cranfield and Dr Amr Mahdy with whom I have worked with for many years in both NHS and private settings.  Both have vast experience in all areas of anaesthetics, local, regional and general, and also pain control management. 


Dr Amr M. Mahdy
Consultant Anaesthetist, NHS Grampian
Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Aberdeen

Dr Mahdy started his career in anaesthesia in 1993 and was appointed as a Consultant Anaesthetist at NHS Grampian in 2007.  He has extensive experience in anaesthesia and perioperative care, both a masters degree and a doctor degree in anaesthesia, and has been a fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists since 2002. He started his private medical practice at the BMI Albyn hospital in 2007.  He is a recognised Consultant Anaesthetist by all medical insurance companies and charges within their guidelines.